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PASS Leaders

Faculty of Business PASS Programme

What is PASS?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is an exciting and voluntary academic support programme that helps students to succeed in their studies. PASS Leaders who facilitate each pass session are senior students have already passed BUSINESS 101 and BUSINESS 102.

You can think of PASS as “super group learning” or as “guaranteed study time” which are student-directed.  Each PASS session will have a plan that incorporates the ideas of the PASS team, the PASS facilitators, and the students’ concerns and requests.

Each PASS session has small group learning where you build your knowledge with other students through games, study techniques, and creating practical take-home resources and skills. Research has shown that each hour of PASS study group attendance is equivalent to three hours of self-study. So PASS is about working smart!

We encourage you to attend every week so you can build relationships with other students. You are required to sign up each week.

PASS Sessions are held weekly:
B111 and B112 study sessions
Please check Learning Hub Canvas for further details

To sign up, please email Kim Ashton – using your student email address. She will then send you an invite to PASS on Canvas so you can choose a session time. Act fast though, spaces are limited, and it is on a first in, first-served basis.

Why is PASS so beneficial?

Over 30 years of research has consistently shown that students who feel connected with other students, and who have assistance to build good study habits, are far more likely to succeed in their studies than students who not provided these opportunities.