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Compare and contrast writing structures

Writing a comparison

  • Comparing is the discussion of the similarities between two things.
  • Contrasting is the discussion of the differences.

Academic writing often required you to analyse two (or more) subjects or elements or points of view by comparing them or contrasting them, or by comparing and contrasting.

A compare and contrast essay

A compare and contrast essay

A compare and contrast essay analyses and evaluates two subjects by comparing and contrasting them.

NOTE: If you essay question asks you to ‘compare’ you may be expected to also discuss the differences so you need to check the requirements of your assignment carefully.

Compare and contrast writing frames

Some examples of compare and contrast writing frames/structures are below

Both … and … are similar in (the way) that …

The advantage/advantages of … is/are …

Disadvantages/a disadvantage of … are/is …

However, there are some disadvantages of … One drawback is…

For example …

Although …

In contrast the …


Drag and drop the words and phrases into the chart below under the correct headings.

Further information

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