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Learning Hub workshops

Each week we have workshops targeted to the specific skills needed for B115. Our workshops are held on Zoom:

Tuesday 1-2pm

Wednesday 2-3pm 

Thursday 2-3pm 

Let us know you are coming by signing up for the time that suits you best. Here are the workshops we have planned for the next few weeks:

One-to-one help

Email us at: for  helpful advice on your writing.

Week 10

4 Oct to 8 Oct

Start thinking about your exams. Use a study planner to organise your notes. Apply useful strategies to approach short answer questions. Paraphrase key ideas from your weekly notes and readings.

Week 11

11 Oct to 15 Oct

Prepare for your online final assessment. Tips on what to do before your assessment. Apply effective note-taking strategies. Apply useful ways to revise concepts. Deconstruct past exam questions.

Week 12

15 Oct to 22 Oct

Prepare for your online final assessment. Tips on what to do when you sit your assessment. Review how to deconstruct past exam questions. Access annotated exemplars of past exam answers.

Helpful resources:

Helpful video tips

Watch the following video on helpful tips for Economics 151.

Weekly reading activities

Complete the following activities to help you understand some of the words in the weekly readings.

Learning at university

Improve your chances of success with better time management. A study timetable is a great place to start.

Learning at University

Cope with readings

Strategies to get on top of your course reading.

Cope with readings

Taking notes

One of the challenges of university is figuring out how to take good notes in lectures without losing track of what is being said.

Taking notes

Using Excel

Recap the basics of Excel including formulae and making charts/graphs.

Using Excel