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Business 102

Learning Hub workshops

Each week we have workshops targeted to the specific skills needed for BUS102. Our workshops are held on:

Tuesday 11-12pm

Wednesday 10-11am

Thursday 2-3pm

In Lab 8, Level 0 in OGGB

Let us know you are coming by signing up for the time that suits you best. Here are the workshops we have planned for the next few weeks:

Extra workshops

Are you just starting your B102 assignment?
We will take you through the key steps required to organise and write your research assignment essay.

Wednesday 21 Aug 1-2pm in Lab 8

Thursday 22 Aug 10-11am in Lab 8

Week 5

Tues 20 Aug 11-12pm

Wed 21 Aug 10-11am

Thurs 22 Aug 2-3pm

Check the structure of your essay. Review your essay for paraphrasing, citations and reference list for accuracy.

Week 6

Tues 27 Aug 11-12pm

Wed 28 Aug 10-11am

Thurs 29 Aug 2-3pm

Get feedback on your essay structure, writing and logic. Review your assignment before handing in.

Helpful resources:

Workshops video

Hiromi discusses the benefits of attending workshops.

Weekly reading activities

Complete the following activities to help you understand some of the words in the weekly readings.

Learning at university

Many of the ways to improve your chances of success are to do with time, so sorting your study timetable out is a great place to start.

Learning at university

Cope with readings

Figuring out how to read at university for your courses can sometimes be overwhelming.

Coping with readings

Taking notes

One of the challenges of university is figuring out how to take good notes in lectures without losing track of what is being said.

Taking notes

Using Excel

Recap the basics of Excel including formulae and making charts/graphs.

Using Excel