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Giving peer feedback

You might be asked to give feedback to your peers as part of an assessment. The aim of feedback is to provide constructive criticism to help your peer grow and develop. Your feedback should acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, but not be overly critical or negative. It is important to think about how your feedback will help your peer progress before you submit feedback.


Good feedback is:

  • Will be understood by your peer
  • Provides clear direction and is linked to the assessment task and marking rubric
  • Indicates areas for improvement

  • Provides more than just a brief comment. You want to provide opportunities for your peer to extend themselves, so be as detailed and clear as you can be.
  • Provides opportunities for further guidance in order to develop their work. For example, refer them to further resources that might help them with their assessment.

  • Is unbiased and objective
  • Provides guidance
  • Uses appropriate language and a positive tone
  • Relates to the assessment task and not to your peer or your personal opinions

  • Is given to your peer as soon as possible
  • Provides sufficient time for them to improve before their next assessment