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Citing multiple authors 


The following table shows you how to cite one or more authors in your writing:


Number of authors Examples
One author A reporting verb is a word which is used to talk about or report on other people’s work (Jordan, 2010).
Two authors Cite both names everytime you refer to their work.

One of the most common ways to incorporate these citations into your writing is to use reporting verbs to help you to present the information (Smith & Jones, 2016).

Three (or more) authors You must cite all the authors’ names the first time you refer to that work.

Academic writing requires you to use citations to refer to the original source when you have used someone else’s ideas or concepts in your writing (Smith, Jones, & Harry, 2016).

In subsequent references to the work you should use the first author’s last name and the abbreviation ‘et al.’ e.g. (Smith et al., 2016).

Additional Resources  


The University of Auckland provides a comprehensive APA guide for Business students.

Check out this video introducing APA style referencing: